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About us


You can integrate and send Bulk SMS and A2P messages via our SMS Gateway worldwide today. Jito LLC provides you with high quality SMS delivery at a reasonable price. You can integrate either via REST or SMPP API. Direct integration with our system allows you to automate a lot of processes related to sending A2P SMS messages.

SMS Marketing Platform

We provide advanced SMS marketing platform which allows you to schedule SMS campaigns, target your audience, use substitute variables which allow you to personalise SMS marketing campaigns, generate detailed live reports as well as many other useful features. We provide full transparency and control for your SMS campaign.

SMS Reseller Portal

We provide fully developed Bulk SMS reseller portal which enables you to sign up your own clients and determine your own pricing strategy. You can white-label SMS Gateway reseller platform completely free of charge. The whole platform is also offered for free, sign up today and start making money from your own business!