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SMS Gateway Reseller

White Label

We provide a complete SMS reseller white label gateway package. You can fully customize branding of our SMS Gateway marketing platform, such as colour and logo and have it on your own domain.

Admin control

You get access to the administration control panel, which allows you to monitor performance of your clients, add credits, change prices and adjust multiple settings in our SMS Gateway Reseller white label platform.

Completely FREE

We offer the SMS Gateway reseller white label portal completely free of charge, you can start your own business today without any investment in the platform. This is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs.

Set up routing

You can set up the routing for your clients based on your decision and client’s needs. We offer different types of routes at competitive prices to all of our partners, which allows them to compete on local markets.

Set up your own prices

You can set up your own custom prices for your clients, depending on your decision. Several pricing lists can be created for different clients depending on the needs as well as routing coverage type.

Easy to accept payments

You can integrate with many payment services directly which allows you to easily collect payments from your clients at any time. The integration is very simple and takes minutes to complete the process.